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Gilmour Design Studio is a full service residential design practice committed to well crafted, distinctive modern homes.  Since 2010, GDS has provided complete design services for new single family homes and major renovations, including interiors and landscapes. We guide our clients through the process of conceptual design, design development, building permit acquisition, and to construction completion. 


A collaborative approach to the design process is our method for achieving successful projects.  A careful inventory of each client's needs, desires and the particular qualities of their building site inspire a meaningful design response. Through rigorous conceptual and design development, a spatial and formal expression is realized and a home begins to take shape. The experiential qualities of each home are closely considered at all scales both indoors and outdoors in order to enrich the lives of the inhabitants and establish an enduring sense of place.  


As principal designer,  Murray Gilmour holds both a BA in Urban Geography (1994) and Master of Architecture Degree (1998) from the University of British Columbia. Upon graduation, Murray worked in several recognized architecture firms before establishing Gilmour Design Studio in 2010.  Murray has over 20 years of residential design experience.

Murray Gilmour Principal Designer Gilmour Design Studio
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